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Get Free & Exclusive Access with Tar Heel Experiences!

Tar Heel Experiences is an exclusive membership benefit, designed to enhance game day like never before! Through the mobile platform below, The Rams Club offers our members and season ticket holders the opportunity to redeem Tar Heel Tokens for exclusive game day experiences.

At the beginning of each season (football, men's basketball and baseball), members receive a set number of Tar Heel Tokens for redemption on experiences. Those Tar Heel Tokens are good for the entire season, until you use them! Tar Heel Tokens are assigned based on Rams Club giving level, with the required credits per experience assigned by The Rams Club staff. Tar Heel Experiences for Football could include, but are not limited to:


  • Pre-game Field Access
  • Be a part of the Victory Walk
  • Pictures with Rameses and the Cheerleaders on the field
  • Pre-game Tunnel Access
  • Photo on the Video Board
  • Field Pass
  • Attend Post Game Press Conference
  • T-Shirt Toss
  • In-seat Gift Delivery



Giving Level Tar Heel Tokens
Champion 80
All American 70
Coaches Circle 60
Super Ram 50
Big Ram Plus 40
Big Ram 40
Rameses 30
Ram 20
Tar Heel 10


Signing up is simple! Using the form below simply type in your full name, mobile number and email. Once registered, you will receive a text notification. Click the link in the text message and follow the instructions to redeem your experience. Your initial registration will last the entire season for each sport (football, men's basketball and baseball). You will need to reregister at the start of each season. Tar Heel Tokens do not carry over. You can redeem as many experiences as your Tar Heel Tokens will allow.


Frequently Asked Questions

What platform should I use?

Tar Heel Experiences are only accessible by using your mobile device. You can visit the website ramsclub.expapp.com on your mobile device's web browser to register, redeem and view Tar Heel Experiences.

Do I need to register each week?

No. Registration only happens once each sport season (football, men's basketball and baseball). Once you are registered you will receive text updates at the beginning of each home game week notifying you of the week's opportunities.

What email should I use?

Please use the email associated with your Rams Club account. If you do not, the system will not know you have Tar Heel Tokens and everything will show as sold out.

How many experiences do I receive?

The number of experiences you can redeem is based on the number of Tar Heel Tokens you have. Tar Heel Tokens have been allocated to ensure everyone can have at least one experience. Once you use all your Tar Heel Tokens you will not be awarded more until the next sport season.

When I redeem an experience, how many people can I bring?

One redemption equals one person's ability to partake in the experience. For example, one first-half field pass redemption means that only one person will be allowed on the field. If you redeem t-shirt thrower, a parent may escort their child.

When do experiences open?

During football season, Tar Heel Experiences will open four days before each home conference game at noon and close at noon the day before the game. Experiences are redeemed on a first come, first served basis ... redeem early!


If you have other questions, please contact The Rams Club at 919-843-2000 or ramsclub@ramsclub.com.

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