Go Above & Beyond

The Point After Campaign

The Rams Club has ambitious goals to grow its membership. We want to involve all members in a recent effort - the Point After Campaign. This campaign provides the opportunity for members to earn point credit for recruiting members.

In the Point After Campaign, all Rams Club members can receive membership point credit when they recruit a new member to join The Rams Club at any giving level. Valuable membership points are awarded as newly recruited members join. The new member must communicate referring member's name to The Rams Club upon joining.

Any active Rams Club member can participate in the Point After Campaign. Only one active member can be awarded point credit for a new member.

Membership point credit is distributed as follows:

  • 5 points for every new member at the Tar Heel, Ram or Rameses levels
  • 10 points for every new member at the Big Ram, Big Ram Plus or Super Ram levels
  • 15 points for every member at the Coaches Circle, All-American or Champion levels

Help The Rams Club grow by recruiting new members today!