III. Preparation

The Rams Club

As you prepare to make your seats and parking selections in 2015, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you are ready to choose the best seat possible:

Know the Important Dates

April 15 ... All members with football season ticket orders received by this deadline will be ranked by priority points as of this date. Orders must be received by April 15 to receive an appointment. Additionally, your Rams Club giving level must be established by this date to receive proper priority.

May 6 ... Selection appointments will begin on this day, and run for approximately seven weeks.

Understand the Priority Point System

Membership rank is determined by your priority points within The Rams Club. Your rank as of April 15 in relation to other members who purchase football season tickets will determine your selection appointment time. Members earn priority points in the following way:

1 point for every $100 donated through The Rams Club.

3 points for every year of membership in The Rams Club.

15 bonus points for 10 consecutive years of membership; 30 points for 20 consecutive years of membership; and so on.

Note: A member's points are not activated unless the member is an active annual or endowment donor in a given year.

Check Your Membership Status Online at www.RamsClub.com

Rams Club members have the ability to manage their account online. From www.ramsclub.com, you can monitor your rank, make a gift, check pledges and balances, change your address, see what impact a future gift might have on your rank and more. Members can also verify their giving level to ensure accuracy going into the selection process.

Familiarize Yourself with Kenan Stadium & Seat Options

Nearly 7,000 Rams Club members purchase season tickets in Kenan Stadium. In 2012, these members selected seats throughout the stadium and parking spaces all around campus. As you prepare for your seat and parking selection appointment, please be prepared with several options of what you may like in a seat or parking space. The seating map included here shows you seating sections and important row distinctions (under the overhang, student seating, chairback seats, etc.

It is difficult to predict what seats may go first, but you can monitor selection progress on www.kenanseats.com (see accompanying pages about how to log in. As a new feature on the website, you may also see the number of points the seat's occupier had in 2012 - possibly providing some guidance in 2015. Seats on the south side were most popular in 2012, with aisle seats going first among them.



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