V. Model Cases

The Rams Club


Example 1

Steve is a Big Ram donor ranked #524. He currently has four seats in the main bowl and a parking pass. Steve's ticket total matches with the priority allowed for a Big Ram donor. He will receive an appointment time to choose all four seats and the pass in the 524th position.

Example 2

Kathy estimates that she will not get the seats she most desires, but likely could if she had 30 more points. Kathy could make a gift of $3,000 by April 15 to improve her point total. She could also give to a project with bonus points involved (e.g., the Loudermilk Center with a 40% bonus in place), requiring a gift of $2,143 to earn the same 30 points. Her gift does not guarantee her rank or seats, but will likely improve her standing.

Example 3

Conrad is a Big Ram donor four seats in the main bowl and four seats in the Blue Zone. As a Big Ram, Conrad is allowed only four seats on priority. Will Conrad have to give up four of his eight seats? No. The seats in the Blue Zone are premium seats bought on a contract agreement, and do not apply toward the "on priority" seats according to his giving level.

Example 4

Kristy has been a Rameses donor with two tickets for the past few years, but due to her growing family she wants to purchase four tickets. Since the Rameses level allows two seats on priority, Kristy must increase her giving level to Big Ram in order to choose all four seats on priority, and must do so by the April 15 deadline. She will have until the end of the membership year (December 31) to make her Big Ram gift.

Example 5

Will has been attending games for years with his grandparents, and would like to get seats for himself in a comparable area. Can Will inherit his grandparents' priority? Rams Club policy has always been that points and ticket rights in Kenan Stadium are not inheritable. To maintain similar priority to his grandparents, Will must make gifts to build his point total to a level consistent with his grandparents.

Example 6

Amy is ranked #8614. She wants to select seats along with her friends so that their families can sit together. Margaret is ranked #9226, and Robin is ranked #7550. To choose together, all three friends must be in the same priority group, and must notify The Rams Club of their intentions to select together (so that appointments can be adjusted). Their appointment time will be based off the lowest-ranked member - in this case, #9226.

Example 7

Chris is ranked #4040 -putting him in approximately the top 25% of all 16,000+ Rams Club members. His appointment time, however, ends up being almost halfway through the selection process. Why? Higher-ranked Rams Club members tend to buy season tickets at a higher percentage rate. In 2012, half of the members buying season tickets were ranked in the top 30% of Rams Club members.

Example 8

Cameron buys four season tickets in 2015 as a Big Ram, and makes her selection. In 2013, she reduces her giving level to Rameses (only two tickets allowed on priority), but buys four season tickets. In this event, two of her seats will be protected, while the other two will be reassigned elsewhere in the stadium. Cameron must maintain a giving level consistent with her ticket order in the years between seat selections.

Example 9

Brian is a member, but does not purchase tickets in 2015. He decides in 2016 that he would like to purchase tickets. Where will his be located? Since 2016 is a year where a self-selection does not occur, Brian's seats will be assigned in the best location available (after members with recurring purchases have their locations "protected") based upon his membership rank. His assignment will be made at the same time as other new seat purchases and change requests.

Example 10

Stephanie likes the seats she selected in 2015, but would like to improve them if possible in 2016 (a year with no selection process). Can she change locations? Stephanie will have the opportunity to request a change next year, and will have her request considered based on her membership rank. If seats are available next year after considering all requests from members ranked higher, her location can be moved.



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