Sport Endowments

Sport Endowment contributions supplement the budgets of non-revenue sports.

Coaches and student-athletes require a continuous stream of usable income in perpetuity.  Donors can make a gift in direct support of any of UNC’s sports programs through operational endowments. Funds donated to these operational endowments will be invested long-term, and provide an annual 5% yield to the coaches in the respective sports for their discretionary and budget-enhancing use.  Coaches use these funds to enhance recruiting, team travel and operating expenses.

Each sport has its own endowment and goal for funding.  For more information on sport endowments or to make a gift to specific sport, please contact The Rams Club at 919.843.2000.   

Scott Goodwin

Note: Gifts to sport endowments do not activate Rams Club benefits as with Annual Fund or Scholarship Endowment Trust gifts. Priority points are accumulated, however, and become active with a regular Rams Club membership.