Kenan Stadium Equity Seating Plan

The Rams Club

Carolina Football 2018 season tickets go on sale on Friday, Jan. 12th, with five all-new price points based on seat locations in Kenan Stadium. The prices are based on five zones designated throughout the stadium.


Carolina is replacing bleacher seats with individual seats throughout Kenan Stadium (except for student sections). The chair backs and the new zone pricing structure, designed to help fans find the price point that works best for them, are efforts to create a more enjoyable and fan-friendly game-day experience.


Season ticket prices vary from $375 for seats closest to midfield to $150 per seat in the corners of the upper deck. Prices will decrease in 2018 for more than 70 percent of the seats in the stadium, both in the total amount and per-game average. The zones and prices for seats in each zone are detailed in the attached graphic.


Season tickets for all fans go on sale on Friday, Jan. 12th. Fans buying tickets will make a $150 deposit for each seat they want to purchase. The balance of the ticket price will be collected when the seats are selected (Rams Club members) or assigned (non-members) in May. Ticket orders and deposits must be received by April 13th to qualify for seat selection.


Rams Club members will select their seats from any available seat in the five zones in May as part of the Equity Seating process, as 2018 is a seat selection year. The order for seat selection will be determined by membership rank in the Rams Club as of April 13th.


Details about the seat selection process and Rams Club member selection order will be announced soon!


For more information and Q&As on zone pricing and equity seating, please click here.

Kenan Stadium Equity Seating Plan
Kenan Stadium Equity Seating Plan