Membership Adjustments

Important Changes to the 2020 Membership Year & Equity Seating for Football

Great teams adapt. Whether it is during a game, at halftime or throughout a season, great teams find a way to make adjustments and to win. The challenges presented by the pandemic and its aftermath are numerous, but the top priority of Rams Club members remains the same – to provide the best student-athlete experience in the country to our 800 Tar Heel student-athletes.

To best pursue that priority and to continue to meet your membership needs, The Rams Club is making three adjustments that will affect your Rams Club membership:

The 2020 Membership Year Now Extends to June 30, 2021

The 2020 annual membership year will be extended by six months to June 30, 2021. Gifts through annual memberships are critical to the financial health of Carolina Athletics, supporting student-athlete scholarships, facility projects, and much more. This extension will give members extra time to complete their 2020 membership in this unusual year.

The membership year has traditionally run from January 1 to December 31. After this extension, future membership years will shift permanently to a July 1 to June 30 schedule. This shift matches up with the academic and competition years for our student-athletes and will put all ticket rights for Carolina sports in the same membership year. For members who consistently make their gift at the same time each year, you should not need to change your giving habits. The 2021-22 membership year will begin on July 1, 2021.

Priority Points for Unrestricted Gifts Increased through June 30, 2021

Unrestricted support is incredibly important in this challenging financial landscape. Due to the critical need, priority point awards have been elevated between now and June 30, 2021. Points for completing your 2020 annual membership between now and June 30, 2021 will be awarded as follows:

Completing your 2020 Annual Membership

It is critical that you complete your 2020 annual membership first.

    • 2 points per $100 of giving
    • 10 points as a one-time bonus for completing your membership at the same or a higher level as 2019
    • Note: Already completed 2020 annual membership gifts will be retroactively awarded the increased points.

New Gifts through the Carolina Victory Fund

Members who complete their 2020 annual membership and make an additional cash gift to the Carolina Victory Fund will receive additional bonuses.

New Giving Earns a Significant One-Time Bonus Award

A one-time point bonus will be awarded for your new unrestricted giving until June 30, 2021. New unrestricted giving is any increased annual membership gift from 2019 to 2020 (i.e., upgraded membership level) and/or any gift to the Carolina Victory Fund (after completing your 2020 annual membership) received by June 30, 2021. The one-time bonus will be awarded as follows:

  • 10 points for new giving of $100 or more
  • 25 points for new giving of $1,000 or more
  • 50 points for new giving of $5,000 or more
  • 100 points for new giving of $10,000 or more
  • 250 points for new giving of $25,000 or more

The Football Equity Seating Process Moves to 2022

The football equity seating process (seat selection) scheduled for the spring of 2021 will be delayed one year to the spring of 2022. By postponing the selection process for one year, Carolina can make good on that promise of a third year in your current seat location in 2021. Season ticket renewals in 2021 will require that your 2020 annual membership be completed at the appropriate level by June 30, 2021. The priority point deadline and season ticket order deadline for this process will be shared by the fall of 2021. The selection process in 2022 will take place in the spring of 2022.

The challenges facing Carolina Athletics are significant. We have a great team of supporters who believe in our student-athletes, our coaches, and our University – and are ready to adapt. Thanks for being part of the team!

Important Dates to Note:
December 31, 2020 Reminder: End of Tax Year
June 30, 2021 New Membership Deadline
July 1, 2021 New Beginning of 2021-22 Membership Year
April 2022 Priority Point Cutoff for Football Equity Seating
May 2022 Football Seat Selection Begins
June 30, 2022 End of 2021-22 Membership Year